Friday, August 25, 2006

Pictures I wanted to Share with Everyone!

Gramie, Isabelle and Mimi after gymnastics.
Izzy the dog and Isabelle
Isabelle and Payton

Isabelle with her Tattoos that she did all by herself!
Isabelle and her Pa!

Our baby is Three!!

Isabelle is offically three years old. She has to tell everyone how old she is. I love it!! Isabelle is the luckiest three year old I know. She got to eat Princess cupcakes and PINK ice cream for breakfast. Later in the day we went to Express Ranches in Yukon to see the Clyesdale Horses. They are GIAGANTIC!!!! Isabelle loved getting to love on them. Next on the agenda Isabelle made her own necklace at Elements Beadery! Well here are some pictures from Isabelle's Day of Fun!!!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First Teeth Cleaning!!!

Isabelle had her first teeth cleaning yesterday! She was such a big girl, just hopped right in the chair. Isabelle really didn't like it when Ms. Lacy polished her teeth, but other than that she did great!! Jason and I were so proud of our big girl.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Our week!!!

On Wednesday Isabelle started gymnastics. She was a natural and I'm not just saying
that, the teacher agreed! It is a total of 5 kids all three years old. 3 girls and 2 boys. They learn the basics and get to jump on a big trampoline. Isabelle had a blast! That is all she could talk about for days. I'm glad we decided to do this now, it was the right moment for Isabelle.

On Saturday we went to Incredible Pizza with Holly,Jason, and Riley. Riley is Isabelle's little friend. We arrived at 11:00am and left at 3:00pm if that tells you anything. The kids favorite activity was bowling. It is set up for little kids with little balls they can grip and bumper guards. It was the cutest thing watching the two of them bowl. If the pins didn't come up quick enough they would just go in the lane next to them! Someone else's lane!! We played golf and all the little games they have. The objective is to get a lot of tickets so you can buy stuff with your tickets. We paid $17.00 for a box of crayons and a little whistle! It was worth it though, just to watch the kids enjoy themselves. I think us adults enjoyed the games just as much though in all fairness. All in all fun was had by everyone.

Next on our agenda is Isabelle's 3rd birthday party. She is so excited about it and everyone coming to her party. I just can't believe our little baby is going to be THREE on Thursday! Time flyes when you are having fun!!!!