Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Boomer Sooner!!!!!!!!!

This is what happens when you turn your back for a minute. On Sissy's desk getting into the colors.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Our Weekend!!

On Saturday Isabelle and I along with Suzie and Jaxon and a ton more people did Race for the Cure. It was amazing seeing all those people running or walking for the same purpose. At times it was surreal you would see someone wearing a shirt that was in honor of someone who lost their battle with breast cancer. Overall it was an amazing experience to share with my daughter and best friend. I pray one day we will find a cure for this disease and no more children will have to lose a mother, grandmother or aunt.
Me and Isabelle

Isabelle took this picture of me and Suzie I thought it turned out pretty good.

She says she wants to be a photographer. This last photo shows potential.

After the race the family headed to Dallas to see the new addition. Jason's sister Charity had her baby on Friday afternoon. So we had to see the baby!! His name is Conley Cash. The kids were so excited to meet him. Isabelle asked on the way "Is he going to look just like us? With blond hair and blue eyes?" We said probably Not, but he is still your family. Hasten was so good with him, just loving on him. Wanted to hold him all the time.

Nonna and her grand babies!!!

On the way home from Dallas we decided to stop at Arbuckle Wilderness. You drive thur the park and they have all kinds animals you feed from your car. It was the funniest thing. The animals attack your car because they know you have food. They had these wood toys for the kids to play on. Isabelle called the boat Noah's Ark!!!It was a nice little trip in all.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

Nonna(Jason's mom) and I took the kids to pick out pumpkins on Sunday. For a little distraction from the fact that daddy was a little beat up. They loved it! It was Hasten's first time and he wanted them all. When we got the pumpkins home Nonna and Pa with the help of the kids made a pumpkin snowman. I don't have any pictures of the snowman, but it turned out really cute.