Sunday, October 30, 2005

Trunk or Treating

Tonight we went Trunk or Treating at the church, it is where a bunch of cars are in a circle with their trunks up and the kids get to go from car to car and get candy....pretty neat idea I thought it is safe and you know everyone from church. Isabelle had a blast, but she didn't like the clowns. Isabelle hasn't felt really good today her allergies started bothering her again.....but all the candy should help!!!

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Some cute pictures!!!

Just some pictures that I thought everyone would enjoy seeing!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Isabelle's Fall Festival!!

Isabelle had her fall festival at school today....Which means she got to wear her butterfly costume, she looked adorable!! They had a little party and some games for the kids to play. Isabelle had a blast she got all sorts of candy and wanted to eat it all at once!!! The teachers decorated a lollipop like a spider and she was freaking out....saying spider... Mommy get it off!!! You just have to here her say spider it is the cutest thing she over pronounces the "er".

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Our Fall Break

Our fall break was a busy one, but loads of fun. On Thursday, we went to Ada to see Gramie(my mom). We ate at Polo's the best Mexican food, bar none. We did a little shopping downtown. I love all the little specialty stores we just don't have that in the city. We went out a seen my Uncle David. He was working on their new home. We got the grand tour, it is going to be pretty. We also went to the park and played. She loves going to the park in Ada. It is so pretty with the pond and the trail around the pond with all the leaves changing colors. That was our Thursday as you can tell busy, busy.

On Friday, we stayed home and did a little shopping at the mall. We had to get her bear
Josie a new outfit for Halloween, she is Tinkerbear. We both got some new shoes of course, we are girls never enough shoes. Then we headed home, cleaned house, and rearranged a few things. When Dad got home we went over to Joey and Suzanne's and had Frito chili pies. They were delicious!!! That was our Friday, a little more relaxed.

On Saturday, we went to Lake Eufala where Jason's family was having it's annual family fun weekend. First we had to stop in Seminole for some great catfish at Catfish Round-up. If you have never been, you need to go. It is great food all around. We got to the lake house about 3:00pm and the fun begun. Pa and Nona greeted us at the door, they were glad to see us. Pa took Isabelle down to the lake, where Jason's grandpa was fishing, and she proceed to scare the fish away. She liked throwing rocks into the water right by grandpa and then Matthew ,Jason's cousin who is 3 years old, started joining in on the fun. Isabelle did a little fishing with Matthew's snoopy pole and she really liked looking at the minnows in the bucket, but could never get the nerve up to touch one. Isabelle and Matthew went for a few rides in the golfcart with Jason. They enjoyed following each other up and down all the stairs in the house which is a lot!!! To say the least Isabelle had a blast this fall break, but today was totally worn out, she slept in til 9:00am and took a 2 hour nap!!! In all we had a great fall break and got to see most of our family.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fall Break

Well this weekend we tried potty training and I don't think Isabelle is quiet ready for it. She had several accidents and thought it was a game, because she got to put on another pair of princess panties. So we've decided to wait a little longer for potty training. Its ok when she is ready we will know.

We also planted some mums and pansies this weekend, to get everything ready for fall, I can't wait for it to cool off. I'm so ready for fall it is one of my favorite seasons. I love the falling leaves and the feel of fall, but not the getting dark early. Well I hope everyone has a great fall break!!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Fall Carnival

Tonight we went to the carnival at Joey's school Oklahoma Christian academy. Isabelle had lots of fun, she got to go fishing, play leap frog, and make a decorative jar of sand. She really enjoyed it all and she got a toy every time!! She looked really cute today too, she had on her Guess denim dress with red cowboy boots, just adorable!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

My Night Out!!

So... last night for the first time in 2 years my best friend(Suzanne) and I got to go out alone to dinner it was so nice!!We got to visit about everything and nothing. After dinner we went over to Barnes and Noble to look at some books and we found several that we wanted of course, but I don't have time to read I'm still finishing a book that I started in July. Still though, it was a nice change of pace, got to relax and everyone needs to do that every now and then and it makes me a happier person!! I love Jason for watching Isabelle while I got to go out,and greatly appreciate it.

Today Isabelle and I watched Jaxon for Suzanne, because her regular girl can't anymore because she got another job, so Suzanne was in a bind and asked for my help and that is what friends are for and I can't resist Jaxons' chubby little face!! It was interesting to watch Isabelle interact with Jaxon, she tries to be the little mommy to him, she tries feeding him the bottle and consoling him when he is upset and he just loves to watch her. Today Jaxon was very entertained by Isabelle, she kept him busy. Isabelle is always putting on a show for someone even if it is a stuffed animal or the dogs or today it was Jaxon. Isabelle is our little actress never a dull moment. For instance, yesterday she decided to write all over the ottoman with pen when I said that was wrong she said I know! And I asked why she did it? She replied I don't know why I did it! And left the room. What do you say to that?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Isabelle at work!!

Today Isabelle went to work with her Dad and I. She really enjoys working out in the shop with her father and getting all dirty right along with him. She likes to bang the plastic hammer on the bikes and she knows where to hit so she doesn't get in trouble from Dad. I think it is great that she gets to come to work with us not many parnets have that and we are blessed.

Today we also went and picked up her Gramie(my mom)from the airport, she got in from Arizona today from visiting my Grandmother who is Arizona until Christmas taking care of her uncle. Isabelle was excited to see her Gramie they got to play for a little while and Isabelle got a new movie "Cindrella" and of course we had to watch it immediatley and she loved every minute of it, especially when the fairy godmother appears, but don't we all. I love watching her process thoughts and ideas and learning new things every day! Isabelle is my princess and I love her more every day, if that is possible.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

My first blog

This is my first time at blogging. I started it because my best friend has one and she has got me interested in it. I also thought it would be a great way to commuincate with family. So hopefully everyone will enjoy my blog.

Pumpkin Patch

Me, Isabelle,and Jason all went out to Chester's Party Barn.
We had a blast Isabelle got to feed all sorts of animals and go
for a hayride and a pony ride. She also got to pick out 3 little
pumpkins to bring home. When we got home she had to paint them
of course. She had so much fun. I just love doing things like this as a family.

Our Isabelle

This is Isabelle's silly smile for her Daddy.