Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our Scare!

This morning I got the phone call that all wives dread. Jason had been in a motorcycle wreck. This is one of those phone calls I have been dreading since the day we met. He was going around a curve in the mountains and hit some gravel and lost control. He was fine, just a little banged up. He got 2 stitches above his eye and 2 stitches in his hand. He has a fat lip and lots of bruises. This is from what he is telling me. I haven't got to see him yet, so he could be sugar coating it for me. He is on his way back from Arkansas. So keep Jason in your prayers for a speedy recovery. The lord is good, he was watching over Jason and he bringing him back to me in one piece.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Catching up!!

We have been so busy trying to figure out our schedule with Isabelle starting Kindergarten and my working at Sonshine School that I have no time to blog. So here is a little catch up as to what has been going on.

Disney on Ice

We went to see High School Musical on Ice. Absolutely loved it!!! We had so much fun. After the show was over Isabelle and I walked around the fair a little. She wanted to see the animals. After we walked through the mud to get to our car. We headed to McDonald's for lunch. Isabelle's choice. It was so nice just to get to spend the afternoon with Isabelle. I miss those times. Of just the girls. Don't get me wrong I love my little boy. Here are some pictures from the show.

Our cool hats. I know you are all jealous.

Next on list. Isabelle cut three inches off her hair. I let her decide and she wanted to do it. It is the most adorable haircut, but it makes her look older. Made Daddy a little sad.

The kids playing soccer. Isabelle was so patience with Hasten trying to show him how to play soccer. It was the sweetest thing. Here are the kids Bending it Like Beckham!!!

And Last of all. Here are some pictures that my friend Holly took of the kids. All the pictures are beautiful. Now I have to choose my favorites . These are just a few of them.

That is all I have for now. Hopefully I will be able to keep up with the blogging.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Funny story

On Tuesday at school Isabelle's teacher Ms. Macias water broke and she went into labor. We knew this was coming. I just can't believe it happened at school. They thought that none of the kids had really noticed, but the first thing Isabelle says to Jason is "my teacher was leaking." from the mouth of babes. I thought everyone would get a kick out of the story.

First day of Sonshine school.

Hasten had his first day of school. He did pretty good. Fell asleep before lunch. Enjoyed roaming around during chapel and greeting Ralph the dog (puppet). I can't believe my baby is at Sonshine school. Here are his pictures.

Hasten w/ Jill and Lesley
Hasten getting ready for school.