Thursday, March 30, 2006

Made My Day!!

Isabelle made my day today!
She said "You are the best Mommy!"
You just can't beat that!
Here are some silly pictures Isabelle and I took today.
She is home with me because last night at 3:00am she throw up
and we didn't want to risk taking her to school.

Some cute pictures!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Coyote Cutie!!

Isabelle just got some new outfits made especially for her. This is her new Coyote Customs gear and I must say she is a Coyote Cutie!!
Isabelle has a new word she likes to use "Very, Very".
She will say "I'm very, very hungry." or "I'm very, very tried."
Isabelle is definitely one in a million. She always keeps me guessing.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patty's Day

Your Irish Name Is...

Maeve O'Connell

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Our Saturday!!!

Saturday Isabelle and I went to Konawa. Isabelle quickly became a country girl right along with Jaden. Jaden has just been potty trained and since they lived in the country she will just pull down her pants wherever and pee. Isabelle seen Jaden do this a couple of times and decided she would try it too! I told Michelle if Isabelle does this at school on the playground I'm calling her!!!

Isabelle and Jaden swinging. Two budding beauties!!!

Isabelle's next big adventure of the day was that my grandmother "Mimi" as the great grandkids call her decided to get all the little girls make-up. That's right make-up!!! Thank you Mimi!!
Isabelle had it all over her face and thought it looked gorgeous!! All the girls took turns putting it on each other it was quite funny!

Isabelle all done up and ready to go!!

Isabelle, McKinley, and Mallory.

The girls getting all cleaned up after a day of fun!!

This is Isabelle's new Radio Flyer tricycle. We had to get because she wasn't going to get off of it. Isabelle rode this tricylce all over Wal-Mart and she was going to take it home one way or another!
We'll that was our Saturday. This week is Spring Break. I'm going to try to talk Jason into a mini family vacation. God knows that Jason needs a break for motorcycles after being in Daytona all weekend.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Long time no post!!!

Long time no post!This week has been a little abnormal. To begin with my cousin lost her husband in a car accident on Friday night. The hardest part of this is Melissa(my cousin), and the 2 girls. I hate to see them in this much pain and you just never no what to do, but Melissa is strong, she has her faith in God, and we have a wonderful family unit.
So on top of this Jason's Dad had to go in for 2 more stents in his heart on Wednesday during the funeral. Everything seems to look OK for now! Just have to wait and see.
And to add to that Jason has been getting a bike ready for Daytona Bike Week. Jason hasn't been home much or at all trying to get the bike done, so it could get on the road to Daytona ( 22 hours). To add to everything the trucks transmission blew up on Friday morning in Ft. Smith. Jason gets a call at 5:00am informing him of this information and they had to rent a truck from Oklahoma City, but the bike made it to Daytona and all has calmed down for the weekend. Keep Melissa and the girls in your prayers daily and Jason a safe trip home.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cowgirl Isabelle!

I'm a real cowgirl yee-haa!!!

Isabelle's Nonnie got her this red cowboy hat, because Isabelle insists that she is a cowgirl. I think she makes a cute cowgirl.
I promise you all she does wear cloths sometimes. You can't tell by the pictures I take, but she has lots of cute cloths.