Friday, February 03, 2006

Stuff Portrait Fridays

1)A game you play/ed
Spider Solitaire on the computer. I don't really get to play it a lot, but it is very intense when I do play!

2)Your family games

My family and I mean my whole family (extend and married) loves this game. Mexican Dominoes if you have never played it is very addicting.

My brother, Dad, and I would play UNO every evening in the summers when we would go visit him in Arizona. I also still play UNO attack with my friend Suzanne. My family also use to play the game of Life(Does anyone remember that game?)

Jason and I got this game for Christmas. It is the most fun!

3) Your games

Playing with Isabelle!

Jason, Isabelle, and Granny Jett playing blocks!

So that is Stuff Portrait Friday! Let me know your thoughts?


suzspeaks said...

I miss getting to play games with you guys!