Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trunk or Treat

On Sunday we took Isabelle to Trunk or Treat at the Church. Isabelle decided to dress up as Cinderella. I put a little make- up on her and she loved it. I told Isabelle lets take some pictures outside before we leave. She was posing looking over her shoulder. Then she would say lets do a pictures like this. Laying on the ground. Let me know what you think of the her pictures.

We meet Jason, Holly, and Riley at Trunk or Treat. This was Riley's first time Trick or Treating and he wasn't sure want to think about it all. Isabelle and Riley got a little frighten when an old lady popped out of her car trunk and said "Boo." Some of the kids were wearing scary mask and Isabelle or Riley didn't like that at all, but overall they had fun.