Thursday, April 10, 2008

This weekend

This weekend was Charity's (Jason's younger sister)wedding in Dallas. Isabelle was the flower girl. She was the sweetest and cutest little flower girl. She stood up there perfect during the entire wedding. I can't say the same for my little man Hasten. He was tried and hungry. Of course I'm wearing a dress that doesn't really work for breastfeeding. So I take him up stairs to feed him. I have to unzip my dress to do this. So he is done eating and I think I get my dressed zip back up, so I can go back to the wedding. Much to my horror when I sit back down in the front row mind you. Jason has to zip up my dress. I just say "What are you going to do?" "He had to eat and I didn't have a choice." Oh the many joys of motherhood!! The wedding was lovely despite my little flash. Here are a few pictures.

My princess
Isabelle and Mommy

I love this picture of us!
Daddy and Hasten
The family

Granny Jett hitting the bottle. This is Jason's little Italian Grandma. I love her. We took this picture as a joke.