Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

I had a fabulous Mother's Day of doing absolutely nothing. I loved every minute of it. Jason NOT so much. I truly love being a mother, but we all need a brake sometimes. Isabelle was the sweetest this morning. While I was getting ready, right when she woke up she came in the bathroom all smiles and in the sweetest voice said " Happy Mother's Day, Mommy." It just melted my heart. I love my kids so much sometimes my heart hurts!

My mother's day gift from the kids. I love it!! It is their birthstones with a heart in the middle.


suzspeaks said...

so sweet! You guys look great in Red! Love the necklace!

kj said...

Did Jason come up with that??? If so, WOW! ; )

Cute picture of you with the kids, I did good! ha ha