Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Isabelle at work!!

Today Isabelle went to work with her Dad and I. She really enjoys working out in the shop with her father and getting all dirty right along with him. She likes to bang the plastic hammer on the bikes and she knows where to hit so she doesn't get in trouble from Dad. I think it is great that she gets to come to work with us not many parnets have that and we are blessed.

Today we also went and picked up her Gramie(my mom)from the airport, she got in from Arizona today from visiting my Grandmother who is Arizona until Christmas taking care of her uncle. Isabelle was excited to see her Gramie they got to play for a little while and Isabelle got a new movie "Cindrella" and of course we had to watch it immediatley and she loved every minute of it, especially when the fairy godmother appears, but don't we all. I love watching her process thoughts and ideas and learning new things every day! Isabelle is my princess and I love her more every day, if that is possible.