Friday, October 14, 2005

My Night Out!!

So... last night for the first time in 2 years my best friend(Suzanne) and I got to go out alone to dinner it was so nice!!We got to visit about everything and nothing. After dinner we went over to Barnes and Noble to look at some books and we found several that we wanted of course, but I don't have time to read I'm still finishing a book that I started in July. Still though, it was a nice change of pace, got to relax and everyone needs to do that every now and then and it makes me a happier person!! I love Jason for watching Isabelle while I got to go out,and greatly appreciate it.

Today Isabelle and I watched Jaxon for Suzanne, because her regular girl can't anymore because she got another job, so Suzanne was in a bind and asked for my help and that is what friends are for and I can't resist Jaxons' chubby little face!! It was interesting to watch Isabelle interact with Jaxon, she tries to be the little mommy to him, she tries feeding him the bottle and consoling him when he is upset and he just loves to watch her. Today Jaxon was very entertained by Isabelle, she kept him busy. Isabelle is always putting on a show for someone even if it is a stuffed animal or the dogs or today it was Jaxon. Isabelle is our little actress never a dull moment. For instance, yesterday she decided to write all over the ottoman with pen when I said that was wrong she said I know! And I asked why she did it? She replied I don't know why I did it! And left the room. What do you say to that?


suzspeaks said...

You are such a wonderful friend!! Thank you for taking care of my baby today!! I know he loves you all greatly. I think it is so neat that Isabelle and Jax have each other!! And even more so, how you and I have each other!! Go girls night!!!