Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was spent in Tecumseh with Pa, Nona, and Aunt Chi Chi. We went down on Friday night and spent the night to wake up and open presents on Christmas Eve morning. Isabelle had a blast. We let her open one present the night before. Her present was two princess Barbies Belle and Snow White.

As you can tell Isabelle loved the Princesses! Jason wanted to open one present also because he is still and little boy at heart. Rosanne let us open a joint gift. The gift was the game Scene It. So of course we had to play. The objective of the game is know the most about movies, but the questions are tricky some times. The game was lots of fun. Jason won, but no one really knows how.

We finally went to bed about 11:30pm. We had to tell Isabelle if she didn't go to sleep Santa wouldn't come. As soon as she heard that she gave everyone a hug and went to bed.
Isabelle woke up about 7:30am of course! We had to give everyone time to get up and get in the livingroom to see her reaction.

As you can see from the big grin on her face. Isabelle loved her gift! Here are a few more pictures from Christmas Eve.

Charity got a cute purse from Dad and Mom. Isabelle liked it too!!

Isabelle and her Pa!!

Isabelle with her Princess Babies. She now has Ariel(Little Mermaid)and Auora(Sleeping Beauty).
I think we all had a great Christmas Eve. We got to relax and enjoy each others company. Pa got to stay in his PJ's all day. You can't beat that.