Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Day!!

This year Christmas Day was a little different for our family. First, it was the first time we spent Christmas morning alone. We enjoyed getting to open presents just the three of us. Second, I was going to cook Christmas dinner for my whole family. Lastly, we didn't have to run all over the state of Oklahoma. For the first time since Jason and I have been together we actually got to relax on Christmas.

Our day started out with Isabelle waking up around 8:15am. She was ready to see what Santa had brought her now. This morning SANTA had got Isabelle her very own CASTLE!

This is her reaction when she seen the castle. She didn't want to open anymore presents after that. But we talked her into opening a few more.

Every present she opened had to go into the castle.

Jason opening his stocking!! This year Jason and I decided to do just stockings. It was lots of fun to see what we would get each other.
After we open presents it was time to get ready for church. Isabelle insisted on getting dressed in her castle. We made it to church on time and my Mom meet us there. Isabelle had to tell Jaxon about her castle and invited him over to see it.
After church it was back to the house to start lunch. Everything went smoothly I thought. All the food including the turkey was ready at the same time and everyone was there. After lunch we opened more gifts. Isabelle got four new princess outfits....Three from Papa and one from Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Ashley. As soon as she opened the one from Jeremy and Ashley. Isabelle said "Take off my pants." She was ready to play dress up.

Isabelle as Sleeping Beauty.

Isabelle as Cindrella.

Isabelle as Snow White giving Payton a kiss!
The rest of the day was nice and relaxing. We played games and played with our new toys.

Isabelle and Gramie in the castle. Everyone got to spend lots of time in the castle.

Lauren opening her ribbon watch from us.

Isabelle and Lulu eating chips and salsa.
That was our Christmas in a nutshell. Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas.