Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Our Monday!!

Our Monday, Jason is off work so it is like our Sunday. Yesterday we did our usual worked out. Had lunch at Poblano Grill. Great Mexican food! Since it was a lovely day outside we went to the zoo. Isabelle loves going to the zoo! She loves the monkeys, hippo, and giraffes. All of the animals were active. Right now must be mating season. A male tiger turned his back end toward us and sprayed it was the funniest thing. Isabelle had to demonstrate it for us all day. For the first time we went to see the snakes. I really don't like the cold-hearted creatures......so we usually skip them. Isabelle didn't really know what to think about them. She said it smelled funny. Daddy had to hold her the whole time and she was squeezing his neck. By the end of the day Isabelle was wore out. She must have walked five miles with those little legs. OUR MONDAY was a lot of fun!!!
This is when we were leaving the zoo. It's a cute pout though!