Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Pictures from Party!!

Isabelle and I went to Ada this weekend. For a birthday party for Makala my cousins Melissa's oldest daughter. It was a skating party. So Isabelle said she wanted to try skating. We go and get her skates. It takes longer to get the skates on her feet, then she will skate. So we head out to the skating ring and walk skate about halfway around and then she is done with skating. The rest of the day Isabelle just walked around in her shoes on the ring holding hands with all the older girls.

The rest of the party was fun. I have lots of memories at this skating ring. When Melissa, Michelle and I where younger we would come here every weekend for the whole day. My mom would drop us off and come back when it was time for the skating ring to close. Lots of fun memories!

After the party was over. Isabelle and I headed over to my mom's for a visit. Of course, we had to go eat dinner at Polo's ( this is the only place I will eat when I come to Ada.) it is the best Mexican food. Isabelle and I had a great day!!!


Anonymous said...

I bet that was a treat! I miss all of you very much! I hope that shopping trip is just around the corner! I love you lots!

~Aunt Chi Chi

suzspeaks said...

I love her hair like that!!