Sunday, March 12, 2006

Our Saturday!!!

Saturday Isabelle and I went to Konawa. Isabelle quickly became a country girl right along with Jaden. Jaden has just been potty trained and since they lived in the country she will just pull down her pants wherever and pee. Isabelle seen Jaden do this a couple of times and decided she would try it too! I told Michelle if Isabelle does this at school on the playground I'm calling her!!!

Isabelle and Jaden swinging. Two budding beauties!!!

Isabelle's next big adventure of the day was that my grandmother "Mimi" as the great grandkids call her decided to get all the little girls make-up. That's right make-up!!! Thank you Mimi!!
Isabelle had it all over her face and thought it looked gorgeous!! All the girls took turns putting it on each other it was quite funny!

Isabelle all done up and ready to go!!

Isabelle, McKinley, and Mallory.

The girls getting all cleaned up after a day of fun!!

This is Isabelle's new Radio Flyer tricycle. We had to get because she wasn't going to get off of it. Isabelle rode this tricylce all over Wal-Mart and she was going to take it home one way or another!
We'll that was our Saturday. This week is Spring Break. I'm going to try to talk Jason into a mini family vacation. God knows that Jason needs a break for motorcycles after being in Daytona all weekend.
Hope everyone had a great weekend!


suzspeaks said...

I wonder if Isabelle could fit me in for a makeover this week. Let me know! I just love what she's done with herself!!

Ashley said...

Doesn't she look beautiful all dolled up! No matter what she does she is so pretty!

Anonymous said...

I really thought that those were bruises! How funny. I think she has a future as a make-up artist!