Friday, March 10, 2006

Long time no post!!!

Long time no post!This week has been a little abnormal. To begin with my cousin lost her husband in a car accident on Friday night. The hardest part of this is Melissa(my cousin), and the 2 girls. I hate to see them in this much pain and you just never no what to do, but Melissa is strong, she has her faith in God, and we have a wonderful family unit.
So on top of this Jason's Dad had to go in for 2 more stents in his heart on Wednesday during the funeral. Everything seems to look OK for now! Just have to wait and see.
And to add to that Jason has been getting a bike ready for Daytona Bike Week. Jason hasn't been home much or at all trying to get the bike done, so it could get on the road to Daytona ( 22 hours). To add to everything the trucks transmission blew up on Friday morning in Ft. Smith. Jason gets a call at 5:00am informing him of this information and they had to rent a truck from Oklahoma City, but the bike made it to Daytona and all has calmed down for the weekend. Keep Melissa and the girls in your prayers daily and Jason a safe trip home.


just me said...

I am truly sorry for your families loss. May God Bless Melissa and the girls. Just wanted to let you know your all in my prayers. nannie aka Jaxon's nannie