Thursday, July 13, 2006


I know it has been a long time since I've posted anything, not to say alot hasn't been going on around here! So to get you all updated here we go. We have went to the Circus. Isabelle loved every mintue of it, especially the acrobats flying and the clowns (I know Aunt Chi Chi doesn't want to hear that). We go to storytime weekly Isabelle enjoys talking to the kids more than listening to the story. Today we tried a new drink at Starbucks while we were at Barnes & Nobles it was delicous in the words of Isabelle it was a Green Tea and Blackberry Frapp. YUMMY!!! I know she is already a Yuppy.

Isabelle has acquried a new friend from next door his name is Riley he is 2 and they are the cutest things when they are together. Giving each other hugs and telling one another to share or take turns. If we walk outside and he spots us we aren't going anywhere. Riley told his Grandma that Isabelle's name was ELBOW! Now he has it right, but it is funny because his Grandma didn't know her name and wanted to call her Elbow when she would see her.

One more Isabelle story before I go. The other day Isabelle was playing in her room very quietly. So I decided I better go take a look to see what was going on exactly. Isabelle had her hands hidden behind her back and wouldn't show me. I asked her what she was hiding? She pulled her hands out and said "TATTOOS". She had colored all over her hands and her tummy. I just had to laugh!

I will try to keep blogging on a regular basis, but no promises. Here are a few pictures from the summer so far.


suzspeaks said...

It's been two days since you posted & I'm just now seeing it! Cute pictures!!!

I'm glad your posting again!

Love You!