Friday, March 28, 2008

Goal Chart

So we started a Goal Chart with Isabelle about two weeks ago. We wanted her to start doing things on her own without us having to ask her. Things like cleaning her room, brushing her teeth, helping mom when asked, etc. The goal was to get 10 stickers and then Isabelle could go to the store and pick something out that she really wanted. With in reason of course. About a week ago she found these Hello Kitty shoes and she just had to have them. I told her we could get them today and then when she had 10 stickers I would give her the shoes. So it took about week, but she got her prize. Isabelle has been so great about picking up her room without wining and wanting to do it. Helping when I ask and asking to help me with laundry. It is a big improvement! I'm very proud at how my little girl is turning out. Here is a picture of the new shoes!