Thursday, March 27, 2008

Our Week

Our week did not start out great. On Monday I woke up with what I thought was pink eye. Go to the eye doctor and he says no you have a cold in your eye. I said what? A cold in my eye sounded crazy. Isabelle said it looked disguising! Thanks honey. So got so drops and that afternoon felt awful. Woke up the next morning feeling like a new woman.

So on Tuesday everything had been fine all day around 7:00pm Isabelle has a temperature of 103 and a rash on her neck and upper torso. We are like oh my goodness what is going on with our daughter. So we head to the ER. The doctor checks her out and say she has tonsillitis. My first thought is surgery, but no. You always think the worse. They give her a shot of antibiotics in the bottom. That was awful. If looks could kill the nurse that gave her the shot wouldn't be here now. She got a cute band-aid on her bottom and shows it to everyone. So Isabelle is feeling much better! Praise God!

On Wednesday night we notice that our older dogs eye is matted and a pus in it. Are you kidding me! So now she is at the vet to find out what is going on with her. We pray for the best.

Today has been a nice relaxing day. Isabelle stayed home from school today. Even though she wanted to go I thought she needed the rest. We went to the park and played. We did sidewalk chalk and swung. Hasten got to feel the grass for the first time and tried to eat some. It was a great day in the words of Isabelle.