Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Our trip to Branson

This was the relaxing part of the trip. Not the 5 hour drive there. Can you say SCREAMING child in back seat that just wants out of his carseat. You feel like a trapped animal. There is nothing you can do to make him happy and you just have to hope that the madness will end soon. And it did. Finally! After about an Hour and a half of crying. And poor Isabelle is right next to him. Covering her ears.

This was the next day riding the tea cups with Isabelle. We had the most fun!!!

Hasten riding the tractor. We could not get him off this thing. He loved bouncing around on it. Future Farmer.
The next Danica Patrick. Isabelle loved driving the little go carts and would cut other kids off so she could get in front. She kept saying " I won that race."
Shopping at the outlets in Branson. The kids are trying to escape. They thought the horse would get them out of there. LOL!!!


jenn b said...

Oh my goodness, we had the exact same Branson experience a couple of weeks later...Kyler screamed the whole 5 hours home! And Kayla and I loved the teacups as well! Fun stuff!

Anonymous said...

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