Thursday, August 21, 2008

1st Day of Kindergarten

First day of kindergarten was an emotional day for me, not Isabelle. She was such a big girl. I was full of so many emotions excitement, anxiety, sadness, but most of joy. My little girl is growing up to be a wonderful person. Isabelle said to me " When are you going to leave so I can learn something." It almost broke my heart then I realized I want her to be an independent girl, so this was a good thing. I give her a kiss and leave and cry all the way to the car. I just think these last five years have went by so fast before I know it she will be graduating high school and getting married. Anyway, here are the pictures from her first day. I know everyone has been waiting.


kj said...

Love them!!! Too cute! We should be so thankful that our girls are independent and outgoing...that will help them in the future!

suzspeaks said...

She is precious!!